Your orthopedic surgeon has several options to treat articular cartilage defects, one or more of which may have already been tried. Because you have had a biopsy, a procedure using your own cells called “ACI”, Articular Chondrocyte Implantation, may also be under consideration. “Articular Chondrocytes” are the cells that make up the cartilage in your knee.


Cartilage Cells


After a knee arthroscopy, your cartilage biopsy was sent to a laboratory in Cambridge, Massachusetts. If you and your doctor make the decision to proceed, your cells will be processed into a treatment called MACI (autologous cultured chondrocytes on porcine collagen membrane). To learn more about MACI, click here >


Aci Overview

MACI is an implant made up of your own cells seeded onto a sponge-like matrix. Once implanted, in 6-12 months the cartilage cells begin to create a repair tissue that fills the cartilage defect. In conjunction with a rehabilitation program this can result in restoring function to your knee.

After your cartilage biopsy, MyCartilageCare is here to offer support including coordination of insurance coverage, education around MACI treatment, and continued biopsy cell storage. Call 877-872-4643 to speak with a MyCartilageCare Case Manager.

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