Knee pain
limits activity
by doctor
Biopsy taken with
possible other treatment(s)
MyCartilage Care
support is activated
Biopsy sent to Cambridge
Massachusetts for cell expansion


Call a MyCartilage Care Coordinator to check the status of your biopsy:


Biopsy not received

Your biopsy may take up to a few days to be received from your doctor.

Biopsy processing

We have received your biopsy from your doctor and are preparing it for storage.

Ready to order

Your biopsy will be stored cryogenically (for up to 2 years) until you and your doctor decide that MACI is right for you. Call a MyCartilage Care Coordinator to help with insurance approval.

MACI ordered

Congratulations, you and your doctor have decided to proceed with MACI treatment. We are now expanding your biopsy into a MACI implant.

MACI shipped

The MACI implant is ready for you and your doctor. Now is the time to start planning your recovery.

  • Before surgery, MyCartilage Care will be available to assist with:

  • Insurance approval

  • Questions about surgery and recovery

  • Status updates of your biopsy

Call MyCartilage Care

Call MyCartilage Care at
877-872-4643 to get started



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