Motivation: a key factor in getting you back to what matters


Maintaining a positive mental attitude while complying with challenging recovery and physical therapy goals is essential to helping achieve a positive outcome.

Below are some tips for success:

Approach your physical therapy like training for an athletic challenge

Think about it as if it's a triathlon or the big game.

Take the challenge in stages

Start by focusing on short-term goals and then lay out longer-term goals.

Communicate, communicate, communicate

Keep in contact with team members regarding pain, other symptoms, range of movement and how you feel it's going.

Rely on family and friends

We all need people to lean on sometimes, and those times may come during a long rehabilitation process. Don't be a stranger.

Guidelines for success

1. Managing expectations is critical for best chance of a positive outcome
2. Maintaining good communication between patient, practice and PT is everyone's responsibility
3. When the unexpected happens (as it often does) it's critical to call on the voice of experience



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