Your individual journey to recovery

Every patient has unique needs and challenges, and rehabilitation will depend on variables such as age, weight, injury(s) and motivation among others. The following is a typical progression for rehabilitation from MACI. Your orthopedic surgeon, working with your physical therapist, will help build an individualized program that's right for you.

Sport Exercises


ACHIEVE ROUTINE:  0-3 months

Activity milestones:

Return to light recreational exercise including walking

Perform daily routine and activities of daily living (navigating stairs, showering, etc.) with the assistance of crutches

Start driving again and return to office or seated work

BUILD STRENGTH: 3-6 months

Activity milestones:

Return to low-impact recreational activities including: cycling, golf, yoga & pilates, rowing & kayaking, swimming, dancing, elliptical & treadmill

Return to more physically active jobs such as nursing or construction

Return to daily activities that require strength and endurance

BE ACTIVE: 6-9 months

Activity milestones:

Return to pre-injury sports-based recreational activities including:running distances, skiing & snowboarding, weight training, tennis

Return to work for those in heavy labor fields such as military deployment or firefighting

Over time, heavy impact activities such as cutting or pivoting can be reintroduced


Recovery from MACI treatment varies greatly. That’s why your rehabilitation program is tailored specifically to your individual goals and objectives. Everyone heals at their own rate and cartilage will continue to mature over time. Always follow the advice of your doctor as you get back to heavy impact activities such as cutting or pivoting.


MACI-specific rehabilitation guidelines are available. Call 877-872-4643 to learn more.


Download the MACI Rehab Overview Brochure