The first step toward patient
insurance approval

MyCartilage Care can provide patient support by helping to manage the insurance process. It offers: 

  • Patient benefit investigation
  • Predetermination and prior authorization management
  • Reimbursement support

Help your patients reach their cartilage treatment goals by following the steps below:

Step 1

Download and complete Patient Enrollment Form. Submit Patient Enrollment Form and all requested documentation to MyCartilage Care. For transcription guidance, please see the MyCartilage Care Dictation Roadmap, located in the Resource Library below.


Step 2

From the list below, select patient's specific insurance carrier for medical inclusion criteria (if carrier is not listed, please call MyCartilage Care at 877-872-4643 for more information). For patients who do not meet the specific criteria of their insurer, additional documentation should be submitted with the Patient Enrollment Form. Letter of Medical Necessity Guidance, Letter of Medical Necessity Template, and Patella Clinical Packet are in the Resource Library below.

Step 3

  • Fax the completed patient enrollment form to MyCartilage Care at 855-803-9485

Resource Library

Materials are available to help support insurance reimbursement and billing. Additional questions may be directed to MyCartilageCare at 877-872-4643.

Dictation Roadmap

Letter of Medical Necessity Guidance

Letter of Medical Necessity Template

MACI Reimbursement Guide

Patella Clinical Packet

Patient Self-Advocacy Guidance

Peer-to-Peer Guidance

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Please note: The MyCartilage Care Patient insurance enrollment resource is provided for informational purposes only. Always refer to the insurance-specific coverage policy or contact the insurer for instructions. No statement, promise, or guarantee by Vericel claimed that these guidelines will be appropriate or that reimbursement will be made. The provider is ultimately responsible for verifying coverage with the patient’s payer source.